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Movie Discussion: Inception (2010) ending

Popcorn On Couch presents its very first movie discussion, where I invite some people to discuss the topic or ending of a film. For this discussion, I have invited some amazing people to share their t...[Read More]

What type of movies should be remade?

Cinemas these days are just packed with remakes, remakes seem to be an increasingly popular trend in Hollywood and they aren’t going anytime soon. Popular foreign films are getting American remakes, p...[Read More]

Popcorn On Couch 2016 Film Awards: Winners

Popcorn On Couch & Express Films collaborate to host the first Popcorn On Couch Film awards. Below are 4 nominees for each 22 categories which Popcorn On Couch & Express Films have picked. Onl...[Read More]

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