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Popcorn On Couch is proud to present another edition of Mixed Reviews Monday, where we get your opinions and ratings on a movie with very different reviews. I asked you to vote between Life, Ghost In The Shell, Power Rangers and Beauty And The Beast for our tenth Mixed Reviews Monday.

It was close but Ghost In The Shell came out on top!

Ghost In The shell a live action remake of a beloved anime film of the same name from 1995. Ever since its announcement Ghost In The Shell has been receiving a lot of heat due to its whitewashing, its casting of Scarlett Johansson as the lead was met with anger from many people. The only thing that could save Ghost In The Shell were good reviews, however Ghost In The Shell is another remake which has received mixed reviews.

Is Ghost In The Shell an entertaining and successful live action remake? Or just another failed remake which doesn’t live up to the original?

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Scroll down to see the different opinions we have received from our wonderful twitter followers.

The “This is a cool Sci-fi with a good story” Reviews

The “This is a disappointing remake without heart” Reviews

The “This is an alright & visually stunning film which has problems with its story” Reviews

We received various reviews on Ghost In The Shell, majority were negative and thought the remake lacked heart. Most of our followers agreed that the film was visually stunning and had fantastic cinematography. However many people said there were a lot of problems with the story while some enjoyed the movie and liked the story.

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