What type of movies should be remade?

With so many remakes being released, in this post I discuss what type of films should be remade.

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Cinemas these days are just packed with remakes, remakes seem to be an increasingly popular trend in Hollywood and they aren’t going anytime soon. Popular foreign films are getting American remakes, popular horror and action films from decades ago are getting remakes, even Disney is jumping on the bandwagon and remaking all their films and to top it off Warner Bros. is rebooting The Matrix. So you get the point, all these remakes are kind of getting ridiculous now. You would think with many of the negative reviews remakes have received, movie studios wouldn’t bother making them; however, remakes are smart business for movie studios, therefore they just keep coming and coming, even though we never ask for them.

Jurassic world

Jurassic world

The thing is movies have always been getting remade, it’s just that now the amount of films getting remakes is crazy, if the remakes were actually good I don’t think people would complain.

We all like to see old movies from the past recreated with better technology, but with so many remakes these days, it starts to feel less exciting and our reaction is usually “Really, this film is getting remade?!” In modern cinema, remakes are pretty inevitable now so we might as well embrace them, so the question is what type of movies should be remade or rebooted?

Before I answer this question let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of remakes.




New technology: Newer technology can improve the films special effects and enhance the viewing experience

Box office success: Majority of remakes do well in the box office and usually make a good profit for the movie studio.

Film can be watched by new generation/audience: Popular films from decades ago can be remade for a new audience to enjoy.

If original movie sucked, remake could make it better

Get to see current big movie stars perform in a remake: The new magnificent seven film is a good example of this, we get to see big movie stars of today portray characters from the past of a popular film.

Saves time and is cheaper: Film makers can work with material from previous films therefore don’t need to start from scratch making the process quicker and cheaper.

Ability to expand: If the remake does extremely well in the box office, sequels could be made bringing in even more money e.g Jurassic world did well now it is getting a sequel.


Ben Hur

Ben Hur

May not be as good as original

Lack of new original movies: there are so many remakes these days, it would be nice to see more original films at the cinema.

May be a complete copy of the original: This is the main problem with some remakes, they are just a copy of the original film, it doesn’t add anything new or change anything.

What type of movies should actually get remade?

The best movies to remake, are ones that originally sucked, a remake would be a chance to redeem the film and make it better. Films like Green Lantern, Catwoman and Avatar: The Last Airbender could definitely use a remake, honestly, I wouldn’t complain at all if I hear these films are getting remade.


Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Older movies which could get remade are ones which used a lot of special effects and CGI, as modern technology will be able to improve the special effects making the film more visually stunning. E.g Rise of the planet of the apes, this movie is a reboot with better effects, also the original wasn’t great.

Usually I wouldn’t suggest remaking good movies, however, there are many good films from decades ago that should be remade and improved upon so they can be seen by a new generation. A modern twist could be added to suit the new audience. But, if it’s just going to be a complete copy of the original film, then don’t bother remaking a good film, as then what’s the point if you aren’t going to add something new to the story.

Classic and high rated films will be difficult and dangerous to remake as they have a huge following behind them and expectations are very high. If they start receiving negative reviews, fans of the original film probably won’t bother to buy a ticket to see the remake and the film ends up falling flat in the box office. Which is what happened to Ben-Hur (2016). The only way for these remakes to reach expectations is for them to be in the hands of a strong director & writer.

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

Live action remakes of animated movies like The Jungle Book and Beauty And The Beast are ok. But a live action remake of The Lion King is weird, there are no humans in the film, therefore it will most likely be a CGI fuelled film which I don’t like the sound of. Live action remakes are fine if there will be humans in the film. Just imagine a live action A Bug’s Life, Zootopia or Kung Fu Panda it would be strange.

I am not a fan of remakes, but if Hollywood is going to keep making them, these are the type of movies I would like to see remade, ones that can be improved on. Whether it be improving the special effects, improving the story or adding a modern twist to the film, these are things I want to see in remakes, whilst still keeping the qualities which made the original movie special. Unless the original movie was rubbish, then just drop all those qualities and start anew.

What do you think? What type of movies would you like to see remade? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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  1. I think the best remakes happen when the original film was either 1) Not widely seen or 2) Not very good. The remake of “It” is a great example of a movie that deserves to be remade, because the original was cheesy AF, but it’s got a great plot to work with. Movies reboots like Jurassic World just infuriate me…they’re just in it for the billion dollar profit.


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