About Popcorn On Couch and the creator

About Popcorn On Couch

Popcorn On Couch is a movie website where you can find different movies to watch via genre or mood, read honest reviews, find similar movies, get movie recommendations and read blog posts written by the creator. This website was created due to the creators love for movie and wanting other people to find movies easily.

About the Creator

I am Olatide Renee a homeschooled teenager based in London, United Kingdom I spend my free time studying, developing websites, playing tennis & video games, watching WWE and of course movies and TV Shows. I enjoy watching movies, the different emotions it makes you feel, the thrill, the joy, the heart-warming sensation, the drama, the sadness, the intensity, the shock all these roller-coaster of emotions is why I love watching movies and connecting with the characters. This is also why I allow you to find movies via moods, so you can feel the different emotions.

As I spend a lot of time watching movies (sometimes I watch five movies in a day!) I decided to create this website, Popcorn On Couch. I may not be the best writer but I try to give honest reviews about each movie. I hope you like it and find fresh movies to watch.

Website: reneetide.co.uk

Number of movies watched: about 859 or more.

Number of TV shows I watch: 20 or more (excluding wrestling shows, cancelled and finished TV Shows)

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