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Popcorn On Couch is proud to present another edition of Mixed Reviews Monday, where we get your opinions and ratings on a movie with very different reviews. I asked you to vote between A Cure For Wellness, The Great Wall and Gold for our ninth Mixed Reviews Monday.

A Cure For Wellness was the clear winner!

A Cure For Wellness a psychological thriller with an intriguing plot and a mysterious trailer with Shutter Island vibes; this was enough to get many people excited for the film. Psychological thrillers are usually gripping, unpredictable and shocking films which many people enjoy, so it’s understandable why many people were anticipating A Cure For Wellness. However since its release, A Cure For Wellness has received the mixed reviews treatment.

Is A Cure For Wellness a gripping, unpredictable and mysterious thriller which pulls the audience in? Or just another underwhelming thriller which doesn’t reach its full potential.

Scroll down to see the different opinions we have received from our wonderful twitter followers.

The “I really liked this film, despite the problems in the final act” Reviews

The “This movie was too long and boring” Reviews

The “This is a stylish film with good qualities but still has some problems” Reviews

We received various reviews on A Cure For Wellness majority agreed that the film was nicely shot with good cinematography. Our followers also agreed that the third act was over the top and went too far. Some found the movie enjoyable despite its flaws of being predictable and too long. While others thought, it was boring and underwhelming.

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