Why do I avoid watching movie trailers ?

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Usually when I discover a movie, I do a little research on it. I read the synopsis, scan through some spoiler free reviews, I AVOID the trailer then I decide whether I want to watch the movie. I only watch the trailer if I’m unsure of the movie, but I stop halfway, I never finish watching it to the end. Most blockbuster movies e.g Avatar and The avengers, I won’t even bother researching or viewing the trailer as I am certain that I will watch it regardless.

Many trailers give too much of the plot away, I’ve seen some trailers and it feels like I’ve just watched the whole movie within 3 minutes (although some trailers are really good and don’t give anything away.) Watching trailers that reveal too much information ruin the movie experience for me, shocking scenes are not as shocking, and the movie becomes predictable once you’ve witnessed the trailer. It’s not as enjoyable as it could have been if I avoided watching the 3 minute summary of a 2 hour movie. The movie feels much better for me if I avoid the trailer or only watch 30 seconds of it, as I will not know what to expect.

Another reason why I don’t watch trailers as some are misleading they may portray the movie incorrectly and you decide not to watch, but you might be missing out on a great movie that appeared boring or not your type of genre due to the trailer. Some examples of misleading trailers are Super (2010) and Pain & Gain (2013).

Despite revealing and misleading trailers some are exceptional e.g The double (2013) which was the perfect trailer, didn’t reveal too much and compelled me to watch the movie. But that’s just how I feel when finding movies, to avoid the trailer. Leave your opinions about trailers in the comment section; I would love to hear it.

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