Are original blockbuster movies dying out?

Lately there has been a lack of original films in cinema, I discuss the reason for this and if they are dying out.

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The feature image of this post is from the film The Nice Guys one of the few original films which has been released in 2016.

Lets take a look at the successful movies which have been released in 2016 so far: Batman Vs Superman, Finding Dory, The Legend Of Tarzan, Warcraft, X-Men Apocalypse, The Jungle Book, Independence Day: Resurgence and 10 Cloverfield Lane. You can see that they are comic book adaptions, video game adaptions, sequels, reboots or remakes, which kind of makes you wonder where are the original blockbuster movies?

Loads of movies are released every year and many of them are refreshing and original films but when you take a look at the really successful films with a cinema release, majority of them are not original, there’s nothing wrong with a few sequels, reboots or adaptions etc. But lately there have been so many there are less original films getting a cinema release.

upcoming sequels & reboots in 2017

Upcoming sequels & reboots set for release in 2017

2017 doesn’t look any better; it’s packed with sequels, reboots and comic book adaptions. So in this article I discuss why original films aren’t as successful and the main question, are original blockbuster movies dying out?

Why original films aren’t receiving box office success.

green room

Image of Green room a fantastic film but only hit around $3 million in box office

A lot of original films are good; they’re refreshing, unique, interesting and most of the times enjoyable to watch, a lot of sequels and reboots can’t even touch those qualities yet are still successful. So why do original films with the ingredients to be a box office success, just end up flopping? Well I think it’s down to poor marketing and timing. Let’s take Green room for example, a fantastic, gripping and well-written thriller, this film was actually released in 2015 and I was unaware of it until a week before its cinema release and it only hit around $3 million in box office. A film like Green Room can definitely do better than $3 million if it was marketed better.

midnight special

Image of midnight Special

Another example Midnight Special which had all the ingredients to be successful, it’s original, has a great cast, a very good director and the film was highly praised by critics… but still ended up being a box office flop. Its marketing didn’t do enough to grab people’s attention and get them to go buy tickets, unfortunately its timing didn’t help either, as it was released during the Batman Vs Superman and The Jungle Book Hype, two movies many people would pick to watch over midnight special.

Some casual moviegoers don’t want to take the chance of watching an original film that they know nothing about. But with a reboot, sequel or adaption the marketing team do an amazing job of creating compelling trailers that contain all the good parts of the movie, which manages to persuade people to buy tickets.

However original movies like Money Monster and Central Intelligence did well in the box office due to good marketing, this just shows marketing is key to good box office results.

The recent decline of original blockbuster films


Warcraft a video game adaptation with negative reviews but had good marketing and was a box office hit.

In an era of comic book adaptions, video games adaptions, sequels, reboots and remakes, original blockbusters are clearly struggling to get people’s attention. They are being swallowed up by all the hype of highly anticipated reboots & sequels that they end up getting pushed into the background.There are still a few original films in the cinema but people are more interested in adaptions, sequels and remakes, which causes movie studios to focus more on those types of films, while they begin to release fewer and fewer original films.

It’s not like Hollywood is running out of fresh ideas so they can’t make any more original films, I guess they are more focused on box office results rather than film quality. They aren’t releasing more original films because of their poor box office results as I discussed earlier, and are just too focused on their sequels or reboots with massive budgets.

Only if original films like Green Room, Midnight Special or Everybody Wants Some were marketed and funded like Batman V Superman or Independence Day: Resurgence people would definitely go out to buy tickets to see a different film instead of watching another superhero film or an awful sequel.


Image of original and successful animated film zootopia

Many of the original film these days are indie films therefore are rarely found in cinema, and the ones in cinema are actually animated films. It seems like Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar are releasing many of the original films we currently have in cinema, at least they focus more on originality rather than sequels.

So are original blockbuster movies dying out? In Short, yes! The fact that 2017 is going to give us even more sequels, reboots, remakes and adaptions than this year, is just ridiculous. Just imagine what 2019 will look like; it seems like soon there will be no place for original blockbusters; unless movie studios run out of reboot and sequel ideas. There’s not much we can do except buy tickets to go see original films to improve their box office results but it’s up to movie studios to fund and market the original films properly.

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