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Popcorn On Couch is proud to present another edition of Mixed Reviews Monday, where we get your opinions and ratings on a movie with very different reviews. I asked you to vote between The Girl On The Train, The Magnificent Seven and The Light Between Oceans for our eighth Mixed Reviews Monday.

The Girl On The Train was the clear winner!

The Girl On The Train a thriller based on the novel of the same name, with the lead as Emily Blunt & the film being adapted from a bestselling novel, this was enough to get people anticipating the film. However since its release, The Girl On The Train has been receiving mixed reviews.

Is The Girl On The train a shocking thriller or just another movie that fails to be on the same level as the book it was adapted from.

Scroll down to see the different opinions we have received from our wonderful twitter followers.

The “This movie is great, gripping, engaging & chilling” Reviews

The “This movie was disappointing, messy & boring” Reviews

The “This movie is decent, but elevated by Blunt’s terrific performance” Reviews

We received various reviews on The Girl On The Train majority thought the movie was decent. Most of our followers thought the performances were the best part of the movie, particularly Emily Blunt’s performance. However it couldn’t overshadow the messy story & clumsy narrative. While others enjoyed it despite its flaws & found it enjoyable.

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