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Popcorn On Couch is proud to present another edition of Mixed Reviews Monday, where we get your opinions and ratings on a movie with very different reviews. I asked you to vote between Hardcore Henry, The Amazing Spider-Man and Hail Caesar for our third Mixed Reviews Monday.

Although it was close between The Amazing Spider-Man and Hail Caesar, The Amazing Spider-Man came out on top.

The Amazing Spider-Man Sony’s reboot to Spiderman (2004) directed by Sam Raimi. The amazing Spider-Man received good ratings from critics but mixed reviews from the fans. There were a lot of mixed reactions towards Andrew Garfield as the new face of Spider-Man, people believed he was good as Spider-Man but did not portray Peter Parker well. However his on screen chemistry with Emma Stone was stunning, which you can’t deny.

Here are the different opinions we have received from our wonderful twitter followers.

The “This reboot was good and Garfield was a great spider-man!” Reviews

The “This reboot sucked, lacked an interesting story and had an awful villain” Reviews

The “This Okay reboot was saved by Emma Stone, but still had many flaws” Reviews

We received various reviews on The Amazing Spider-Man majority were negative, most of our followers thought the villain was terrible, the story was bland and that Garfield wasn’t a good Peter Parker. Whereas some really enjoyed the movie and thought Garfield was a great Spider-Man. The best part of the movie was Emma Stone and her chemistry with Andrew Garfield.

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